Beverage & Snack Delivery...

We carry a large variety of Cold Beverages & Snacks! Our team will work closely with you to set up a special selection of beverages that fits the needs of your staff. Our Machines are stocked on a regular schedule, and are provided to you at NO COST, and are diligently maintained to alleviate   any unnecessary "down time".

     Should you prefer machines that will accept all major credit cards as well as Cash, we

are happy to provide you with a selection of machines that will fit those needs.

     At "Change Vending" we pride ourselves on carrying a large selection of Top Name Brand

Snacks which include Chips, Candy, Pastries, Cookies & Crackers, just to name a few of our items.

    We are happy to set your machine(s) up based on items that your staff personally chooses.  If there are specific items that you would like added at any time, you can either call our

Main Office at 281-685-7718 or discuss it directly with your Route Driver.

     Either way, your request will be handled Quickly & Efficiently. Our Route Drivers have years of experience in the Vending Industry and have been trained to always handle our clients needs professionally, by making sure their request are filled in a timely manner.

    All of our Vending Items are rotated on a regular basis to always ensure the Freshest Products possible. Slow moving products will normally be replaced or eliminated altogether.

     We also have a large variety and menu of Healthy Snack Alternatives!

Our Healthy Snack Items include Baked Chips and Pastries, Granola Bars & Trail Mixes,

as well as several types of bottled water & a large variety of Juices. Please ask us for a full

Menu of Healthy Snack alternatives and we will be happy to comply!